Brow & Lash Tinting

Tinting Information

We offer semi-permanent tinting of the eyelashes and eyebrows. We use a non-toxic, vegetable based tint which is safe for the delicate eye area. In this treatment, Vaseline and damp pieces of cotton are used to protect the skin during tinting. After tint has set, it is removed with water and the eye is flushed with Saline Solution to remove any tint residue and restore chemical balance to the eye.

Tint can be expected to last three to four weeks. Avoiding harsh eye make-up removers and exposure to chlorine will help preserve the tint. Although the tint we use is safe for most people, there is a chance of allergic reaction. For this reason we require a skin test for all first-time tinting clients at least 24 hours prior to having this service performed. The skin test is complementary and no appointment is necessary.

Service Price
Brow Tint $15
Eyelash Tint - 20 minutes $20
Brow & Eyelash Tint $35
Brow Design $40